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About-UsWhen it comes to using the right tool for the job, many things define the decision making process. Price, durability, handling, warranties, and a whole raft of  other considerations have a role.

Asking for advice is not as hard as it would be in any other garden tool outlet. At Mower World in Perth WA our staff are trained extensively in not only the products we sell and service but in where and why you would use one product over another.

Safety is another factor our staff are trained to be aware of – it may be that a particular piece of equipment becomes difficult to control when operating and may need a strong hand to maintain the required control. Not every job needs the most powerful tool available, so getting the right advice to ensure you have the best tool fore the job will not only save you money but enable you to use the equipment safely.

The day to day maintenance of the tools you own and use can extend the usable life of a tool by many years. Often some very simple processes applied at the right time is all that is needed to keep that tool operating at peak performance time after time.

Regular servicing of your equipment is also a cost effective way to ensure your tools and equipment are kept safe to use and operate for many years to come.