Rover Duracut 400

Price: $439.00

Product Description

The Duracut 400 lawn mower features a 46cm (18″), 1.8mm thick steel deck with a 140cc Rover OHV 480 engine. The Duracut 400 is ideal for small and medium outdoor areas. With 2 high lift swing back blades, and a lightweight mesh catcher, the Rover Duracut 400 is easy to manoeuvre, and delivers an even cut that will make your lawn the envy of your neighbours.

Enjoy Piece of mind with Rover’s industry best 5+5 warranty. 5 years warranty on the engine and 5 years on the rest of the unit means your Rover Duracut 400 will still be going strong for many years to come!

Product Features

Engine Rover OHV 140cc
Deck 18"