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Mower World STIHL ProductsSTIHL products are ONLY sold through servicing STIHL Dealers.

People who are knowledgeable, can match customers with the right piece of equipment, and who service the equipment they sell are the cream of the outdoor equipment world.

Here are ten reasons why we stock STIHL products:

  • Mower World and STIHL are outdoor power equipment specialists
  • Mower World Advice in choosing the right products for your needs saves you time and potentially a lot of money
  • We service what we sell by our in store trained technicians
  • Mower World offers operating and safety demonstrations on every product
  • Where required Products are assembled, tested and when needed, serviced in the store that you purchased the product from.
  • We give you in-store product registration to ensure warranty documentation is completed correctly
  • Genuine STIHL parts are only used by our service department.
  • Protective apparel is offered if it is recommended to use. (safety glasses, heavy duty non slip gloves, steel capped boots etc).
  • Face-to-face customer service – any questions are answered on the spot.
  • Receive great customer service while working directly with STIHL product professionals.
  • If you have any problems with your purchase, Mower World takes ownership of the problem until it is resolved.